Top 10 Best Online HTML Form Builders

If you own a site, service or product, the form is an important tool to have when you are gathering crowd intelligence.  Forms like contact form, feedback form, survey forms etc. are mostly used to communicate OR collect user data. However, you know that  html forms can be done by hiring a professional programmer. But there are some tools available in market which can accomplish your goal without any programming knowledge. There are a  lot of tools and soft-wares available in market but we have chosen a list of  Top 10 Best Online HTML Form Builders.

With these tools you can build an HTML form, some can send emails, handle payments, save to database etc. In our list of  Top 10 Best Online HTML Form Builders we have tried to rank them according to their ease of use, Layouts, Look and feel, features, usability,  customer support support etc.

1. Inception Responsive Form Generator IRFGenerator

This is our ultimate choice for number one and best form builder / generator due to following reasons.

  • You can create both responsive forms and non-responsive forms in this tool.
  • Many tools contain options to send email but this one has another option to save form data to database aswell. So if you want to save user feedback OR save some survey data to database then this one is a great tool to accomplish the goal.
  • They have got the option to save your form theme styles (Input field text color, border color, Label styles, Heading styles, paragraph styles) and simply select that style in any next form you develop in future. So don’t need to style everything if you want to follow same pattern.
  • You can save your forms and edit them later.
  • Some form generators don’t provide you with full controls (like form html, php files, css files, javascript as downloadable bundle), but this one do.
  • Awesome FREE support. If you have any issue regarding form building OR you have any query you can directly communicate with developers and they can help and solve your queries / problems.

Inception Responsive Form Generator - Builder - Contact Form Builder - PHP Script

There are some other features available that are listed below

  • Create any form using drag and drop interface
  • Custom email notifications
  • Easy Install
  • No technical skills needed
  • Build and download you package



2. JotForm

JotForm comes with a ton of pre-made templates for you to work with. It is a drag-and-drop form builder; just select a tool you require, and drag it onto the building area where you can preview what your form looks like.

JotForm Website

You can customize and create your own form or choose a template from one of the many categories. The templates help you start somewhere, giving you ideas to create your own form. However, if you’re satisfied with the template and want no other options, just go ahead and get the HTML code and paste it on your website. Its only disadvantage could be that you don,t have full control like and will have to buy their paid membership and you don’t website script code but you can build form and get generated code.


3. Ajax Contact form

If you want to build simple forms with not much of complexity then this one could be a good choice.  Here is List of features available in this one:

  • AJAX backend (no page reloads!) Save your bandwidth!
  • Uses Javascript jQuery Slide for an amazing UI, Try the Demo!
  • Very easy to integrate into any existing HTML or PHP page on your website.
  • The form style can be integrated into your existing website Stylesheet or you can use the Default Style.
  • All fields have a validation script so you get the * required info you need.
  • Anti spam, are you human? filter.
  • Only 1 main option to configure (your email address) to make the script function.
  • Integrated Animated Sliding Thank You / Success page.
  • Integrated AJAX JS Sliding Error Messages, if fields aren’t correct or incomplete.
  • Uses standard PHP server features for a no-hassle installation.
  • Customisable email message that you receive.
  • Customisable email subject.
  • Submit phone number and digit validation.

AJAX Contact Form - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


4. HTMLForm

HTMLform guides you through the whole process of creating and installing the form into your website. It also provides you with additional support and other files that will help you install the form to your website successfully.

HTMLform Website

You navigate the creation process with buttons and side menus. Its user interface is clean and it also has an autosave feature while you create your form. After you are done, provide your email so it can send you two files of your html code, one file is for use on websites whilst the other is used as a plugin for WordPress.


5. Quform – WordPress Form Builder

If you use WordPress, require custom forms and don’t like wasting time or simply don’t want to touch any code then this is the must have tool for you.

Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build multiple forms with total control. If it’s a complex quote or booking form or just a simple contact form, Quform will allow you to do this without touching any code. In a few clicks you will have a fully functional form. It’s that simple.


Some of Quforms best features

Using the form builder is made simple with drag and drop and one click functionality and it works in all major browsers. There are options and settings for the basic user and for professionals. There are far too many features to list them all here, so here are the favorites:

  • Create a form without knowing any HTML or PHP!
  • Drag and drop form elements
  • Fully translatable
  • Easy to use user interface
  • View submitted form entries inside the WordPress admin
  • Send submitted form data via email
  • JavaScript calendar (datepicker) with 24 themes and 62 languages
  • Export submitted form data to Excel / OpenOffice
  • Conditional logic to show/hide fields
  • Dynamically set form values from the URL
  • Fully supported form inside a lightbox
  • File uploads, sent as attachments or saved to the server (or both)
  • Preview while building
  • Flash upload progress
  • Group elements for complex form layouts
  • 15 included element types
  • Conditionally set recipients based on form values
  • Custom autoreply
  • 6 optional filters to strip unwanted submitted data
  • 9 optional validators to require specific data from the user (and create your own!)
  • Import/export forms across websites
  • Plenty of help and support
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 3.2 or later


6. Reformed

Reformed comes with instructions you can follow throughout the process of building your form. It provides many options where you can specify what is required in each field.

Reformed Website

The way it guides you through its options is by asking you if you need a certain feature. For example to check if you need your visitors to have a proper email address, it will ask ‘Check for Valid Email?’. After you have set everything up, you can test your form or just save the form and get the code. It also has a way of saving a list of forms you have created with them in the past.


7. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms


Are you a WordPress user? Then you can’t get a more seamless user experience than Gravity Forms. Specifically designed to be used within WordPress, Gravity Forms embeds itself into the backend of the CMS and automatically blends with the design of the website without any extra tinkering. With unlimited web forms on a given website and no restrictions on results, Gravity Forms is the simplest way to create a form without leaving your website. And, since it’s license-based, all of the forms and results are hosted on your own site — meaning that your forms and your data are solely owned by you in perpetuity.

There’s plenty to love about Gravity Forms, and its pricing system is very attractive. A year’s worth of unlimited forms for a website begins at $39 per year, averaging to a wallet-friendly $3.25 per month. Renewing users also are privy to a special re-sign discount, so your second and third years cost less than the first. One issue with the system is that prime add-ons are premium, so don’t expect to seamlessly integrate ecommerce unless you’re ready to pay $200 for the top-tier service.


8. HTML Form Builder by WuFoo

Yet another HTML form builder which have all those features what we may need to build a form. However, to add the upload button you must create an account first to be proceed.

Wufoo Forms



9. Web Form Generator

If you need to generate just some HTML for some form quickly then it could be an option. This one is light weight and easy to understand and use with no complexity.




10. Accessify

Accessify prides in website accessibility and one of their many tools is their Quick Form Builder. Although it does not have much of a user interface when creating a form, by the end of the third step, you’ll be able to copy the HTML code of the created form and paste it on your website.

Accessify Website

You start by determining fields such as Name, Email, Age or any other field of information you need from your visitors. Next, you’ll have to set what each field is to have, such as a password field which replaces letters with asterisks. After you’ve decided on the options you want for your website, it’ll generate the HTML code for you to copy.



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