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Increase Conversions by Tweaking These 5 Design Elements

Your website is the internet face of your business, and it’s important to treat it as such.  There are certain design elements that are the most important in attracting website visitors, and there are some methods you can use to improve these elements so that you can increase your conversion rate with your website. Whitespace

4 Imprint Methods Every Web Designer Should Understand

Web designers and developers don’t often learn about printing in school. So when they do encounter a design that needs to be printed for some reason, they’re often unsure how to handle it. Their solution is either to a) inundate the printer with 250 questions or b) just make their best guess. The first option

28 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About WordPress

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About WordPress Managing, organizing and publishing content online would be next to impossible without the aid of a content management system (CMS).  The most used CMS system to date is WordPress. WordPress is free of charge and is simple to install and use. WordPress was first launched in 2003 and

A Guide to Deal with Comment Spam on WordPress

Most of the WordPress users overlook the comment spam on their websites. But, it is one of the serious issues that could leave you in an annoying situation. It also affects other web platforms and blogging software such as guestbooks, discussion forums and wikis. You can’t even stop spammers from attacking your site. They can

The WordPress Theme Dilemma: Free Themes vs. Premium Themes

Selecting a WordPress theme can be a tricky business. There is an abundance of themes available to choose from. In this blog we address the dilemma of choosing a free theme or a premium theme. Free WordPress Themes Advantages Stating the obvious here, the greatest advantage of having free WordPress themes is that….well, they are

List of Popular URL Shorteners

Today is the world of viral marketing where we share our best practices with people by using many social networking / bookmarking websites to enhance brand awareness. We can see social networking icons on almost every website that encourage referrers to spread information worldwide. Many of these websites allow limited characters for submissions so shortened

Top 10 Best Online HTML Form Builders

If you own a site, service or product, the form is an important tool to have when you are gathering crowd intelligence.  Forms like contact form, feedback form, survey forms etc. are mostly used to communicate OR collect user data. However, you know that  html forms can be done by hiring a professional programmer. But there are

Fix Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug on Wamp

Plugging OpenSSL Bug on Wamp If you are running a WAMP server and using OpenSSL you need to make sure you update OpenSSL to latest version. Go to and enter your site URL to see if your site is VULNERABLE. Do not worry if it is, it’s not difficult 🙂 How to Fix Heartbleed

How to Identify and Remedy Duplicate Content Issues on Your Website

How to Identify and Remedy Duplicate Content Issues on Your Website Content is the prime factor that determines how well your website would rank on search engines. It also is the most important link between your audience and the communication between your product and them. Going wrong with content would mean completing damaging your online

Top Most Common Used SSH Commands

For a newbies there are many questions when starting work on SSH common problem is you dont know how to connect what software etc etc. In this article i have put together Top Most Common Used SSH Commands used on linux shell, and organized them by name so you can easily find a command, their