15+ Professional Photoshop Image Enhancing Effects

Adobe Photoshop is the premier tool for digital artists when it comes to professionally enhancing images. Whether you’re a beginner just learning the ropes or an advanced user looking for unique techniques to add to your Photoshop arsenal, you’ll find some techniques here that you’ll surely want to bookmark.

In this article, you’ll discover plenty of techniques that deal with enhancing images, adding unique and impressive effects, and recreating digital replications of popular traditional photography techniques.

HDR Photo Effect


Create a pseudo-HDR image by reading through this popular Photoshop technique that uses basic Photoshop tools, options, and techniques such as adjusting Shadows/Highlight settings and changing layer Blending modes.

15 Easy Tips for Cropping Photos Like a Pro


If you think that cropping a photo is just as simple as cutting it down to the size you need for your print layout, then you’re missing out on all that the crop tool has to offer.

Soft Focus & Glow Effect


Do you want to change a plain and boring scene into a dreamy and surreal photo? If so – check out this wonderful technique on applying a soft focus and glow effect onto your photos using the Gaussian Blur filter and adjusting layer Blending modes.

High Pass Filter


In this straightforward image-editing technique, you will learn a quick technique for enhancing your images to give them a subtle HDR effect by using Photoshop’s handy High Pass filter and adjusting layer Blending modes.

Video Technique: Enhance Detail Using Correction

This technique will lead you through three common ways to apply local tone and color adjustments to your image.


Photoshop Technique: Wrinkle Reduction

In this guide you’ll find a proper explanation on how to retouch your photo.


Cross Processing


You can learn how to apply the Cross Processing film-developing technique digitally to your images by reading through this quick and educational tutorial that leverages the powers of the Curves tool in Photoshop.

Streams Of Dusty Light


This interesting Photoshop tarticle shows you how to add a surreal stream of light to make your photos truly unique and eye grabbing. The tutorial leans on the Radial Blur filter to create the streams of light.

Lomo Photography


Take your ordinary digital photos and simulate the Lomo Photography effect (also known as Lomography) that will apply a dreamy and surreal effect onto your images in this technique that uses a Levels Adjustment layer among other Photoshop techniques.

Removing Objects From Photos

Learn the basics of removing objects you don’t want to be seen in your photographs by following along in this Photoshop techhniques


Shining Neon Text Effect


Create a colorful neon text effect by using a Gradient Overlay and a few Layer Styles.

Wood Inlay Text


Using wood textures and some layer masks, you can create this “wooden inlay” effect.

Watercolor Text


Learn about the Brushes Palette to achieve a water-color painting effect.

Text In Stitches


This technique shows you how to create an stiched effect using a custom brush set.

The Sugar Bag Effect


Find out how to create this “Sugar Bag” effect using basic Layer Styles and selections.

Paint Effect


UBL Designes shows us how to accent text as though you splattered paint on it.

Spectacular Style Text Effect


Create a 3D text effect by duplicating layers and offsetting each layer.

Pimp your text


Can’t afford real bling-bling? Make some digital ones with this quick tutorial.

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