Background Check

Background check is the process of looking of looking up and/or compiling criminal records, commercial records, financial records, social media check of an individual or an organization. These background checks are used for various purposes for example, often requested by employers on job candidates for employment screening, especially when candidate seeking some position that requires high security checks.

Top 10 Best Online HTML Form Builders

If you own a site, service or product, the form is an important tool to have when you are gathering crowd intelligence.  Forms like contact form, feedback form, survey forms etc. are mostly used to communicate OR collect user data. However, you know that  html forms can be done by hiring a professional programmer. But there are

Fix Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug on Wamp

Plugging OpenSSL Bug on Wamp If you are running a WAMP server and using OpenSSL you need to make sure you update OpenSSL to latest version. Go to and enter your site URL to see if your site is VULNERABLE. Do not worry if it is, it’s not difficult 🙂 How to Fix Heartbleed

How to Identify and Remedy Duplicate Content Issues on Your Website

How to Identify and Remedy Duplicate Content Issues on Your Website Content is the prime factor that determines how well your website would rank on search engines. It also is the most important link between your audience and the communication between your product and them. Going wrong with content would mean completing damaging your online

100+ New and professional collection of Responsive Themes

Responsive designs is one of most important design improvements which left a mark on 2014. WordPress is very powerful and famous blogging platform. It was designed specifically for blogs but today almost every type of website use it. All of WordPress themes that released in 2014 So, Today we have gathered a list of 100+

70+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Whether you design WordPress themes or just use them, you’ve got to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of WP theme creation. Not every blogger or site owner is code-literate or design-savvy, but everyone deserves to get a responsive design for their site. If you’re on WordPress, have we got a treat

Top Most Common Used SSH Commands

For a newbies there are many questions when starting work on SSH common problem is you dont know how to connect what software etc etc. In this article i have put together Top Most Common Used SSH Commands used on linux shell, and organized them by name so you can easily find a command, their

15+ Most Popular & Useful Photoshop Plugins

Plugins are software extensions that you can download and install within a program. Plugins help make the world a better place by unifying all the creative solutions in just one software. It becomes a one stop shop for designer needs. It saves time, effort and in the long run, money for designers and this also

How to Leverage Browser Caching with .htaccess

This tutorial explains how you add Expires headers to your .htaccess file. This will help you improve the performance of your website, based on Google’s recommended performance guidelines. When a web browser displays your webpage it has to load several things like your logo, your CSS file, JavaScript, and other resources. With Expires headers you

15+ New & Best Selling Responsive WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

Themeforest is one of the most popular theme repository on the internet. There are a huge collection of WordPress themes from different authors available there. You will find almost any type of theme you are looking for. These themes are high quality, flexible and the authors provide regular updates and support. In this article we

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