What Are the Benefits of Using Photoshop?

Photoshop Actions are a set of recorded steps which can be replayed in the actions palette. It is one of the wonders of Adobe Photoshop that is oftentimes not noticed by some. Actions can help save time by doing repeated tasks. It is truly a blessing to users for it can perform great functions that give

how to publish an uncategorized article in joomla CMS

Most Articles will be assigned to a Section and Category. In many cases, you might not know where you want it to appear so put the Article in the Uncategorized Section/Category. The Articles marked as Uncategorized are handled as static content. How to Publish an Uncategorized Article in Joomla CMS After you create an article and a menu


Which should we use, HTML or XHTML, and why? The W3C Responds First, a bit of history The history of HTML at W3C starts with HTML 3.2, code named Wilbur, which was followed a few years later by HTML 4.0, then HTML 4.01. HTML 4.01 is the last version of HTML, and is also the final W3C specification

Useful benefits of CSS

One of the major features of CSS is the possibility to control page layout without needing to use presentational tools. However, CSS layout has gained a rather undeserved reputation of being difficult, particularly among those who are studying this language for the first time. This is partly due to browser problems like for example IExplorer

7 Useful CSS3 Code Generators

To write CSS manually is not tough, if you know the properties you can easily write CSS. But what if you are too lazy to write your own code then there are lots of CSS code generator available on net, as in CSS3 lots of new properties introduced which are very helpful, we focused mainly

40+ High Quality Free HTML / CSS Templates from 2012 and 2013

In terms of creating a website (corporate or personal) it don’t have to be coded from scratch anymore. That means you probably don’t have to start from a blank .PHP, .CSS or .HTML document. Thanks to many kind and generous designers / developers, high quality web templates are distributed freely over the Internet. Even if