10+ JQuery Timeline Plugins

When you think of a timeline, you will likely think of Facebook and the introduction of “Timeline” to the wall of their social network. A timeline is a simply way to display a list of occasions or events in chronological order.

With many of the jQuery Timeline Plugins and Scripts listed here, you can easily add your beautiful, interactive timelines to your web project. Among the many uses, a thoughtfully placed timeline can be a great way for a business to present their history, their development in number of employees, strategic client wins etc.

With this collection I will show you some of the best, most useful jQuery Timeline Plugins and Scripts for creating powerful interactive timelines.

You can also add timeline to your website,but finding working plugins on internet is quite a time consuming job. To ease you in this matter, we are sharing some of the jQuery Timeline Plugins, that can help you to create awesome and beautiful timeline concepts on your websites.

jQuery Social Timeline


Key Features:

  • Retrieve tweets using a hashtag.
  • Different display styles.
  • Add multiple custom feeds
  • Show/Hide Social Icons.
  • Social Filter Support.

jQuery Responsive Timeline.


Key Features:

  • Responsive – It fits screen
  • Smooth animations – Show/Hide Comments and Tags
  • Clean jQuery Plugin
  • Skinnable – Easy theme creation with a little css knowledge

jQuery Timeline Slider


Key Features:

  • Useful built-in Audio Player
  • 2 included Themes / Skins
  • Unlimited number of images and milestones.
  • Powerful lightbox – PrettyPhoto + VIDEO
  • Mobile devices optimized – iPhone/iPad/Androids
  • Full layered PSD files included

jQuery TimelineXML


Key Features:

  • Work with any XML or HTML code.
  • Sort events by date.
  • Flexible width.
  • Easy to customize.
  • 4 Different skins

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding with jQuery


Key Features:

  • Free with full tutorial
  • Slide-in on scroll effect



Key Features:

  • Keep it short, and write each event as a part of a larger narrative.
  • Pick stories that have a strong chronological narrative.
  • Include events that build up to major occurrences.

Timeline Portfolio with jQuery and CSS3


Key Features:

  • Free with full tutorial
  • Chronological series of events.
  • Embed media including tweets, videos and maps
  • Easy to customize.



Key Features:

  • Free with full tutorial
  • Historical timeline with HTML, CSS
  • Easy to customize



Key Features:

  • Very customizable
  • Use any type of html / media types inside the slides
  • Use a global or individual slide interval
  • 4 transition types (fade, slide, reveal, instant)
  • Multiple instances on the same page possible
  • Optional custom callback functions for most events
  • Keyboard functionality (space = pause/play)
  • Contains fully commented source code
  • Contains documentation/help file

Timeline with Configurator


Key Features:

  • Easy to implement
  • Good browser support
  • No programming skill needed
  • Built in configurator
  • Fully customisable

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