Iron Man Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials

I was watching Iron Man 3 trailer and browsing some cool Illustrations on Inspire bee, and wondered how to create such effects in Photoshop and Illustrator. I was not able to find high quality tutorials on this topic but do find these 5 tutorials which I have listed below. If you are an illustrator and have created some Iron Man illustrations, do share with design community in comments section.

Hope you will enjoy these tutorials and share with your friends too.

Iron Man In Illustrator And Photoshop

With the help of this tutorial you can create Iron Man mask. The tools involve to complete this tutorials are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It’s not that detailed but you can add to it using your own skills too.

Iron Man Mask Tutorial

Tutorial Source

Iron Man View Interface Effect In Photoshop

This tutorial will teach you how to create Iron Man screen interface. Illustrator and Photoshop were used in this tutorial to put everything together.

Iron Man View Interface Effect In Photoshop

Tutorial Source

Iron Man Text Effect in Photoshop

Now you have learned how to create Iron Man mask and screen interface by going through above two tutorials. What about Iron Man text effect? This tutorial will help you to create that effect.

Iron Man text effect in Photoshop

Tutorial Source

Iron Man Movie Wallpaper

Learn how to create Iron Man movie wallpaper using Photoshop only. Sahpes, layer styles and gradients have been used to create this movie poster.

Iron Man Movie wallpaper tutorial

Tutorial Source

Draw a Vector Iron Man in Illustrator

By following different step and phases you will be able to draw vector Iron Man using Adobe Illustrator.

Vector Iron Man Tutorial

Tutorial Source

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