A Guide to Create An Amazing Company Business Card

Business cards are an absolute necessity for web designers and developers. You may work online, but you often meet potential clients in real world settings where you can’t just whip out your computer to give them a tour of the last site you designed. A business card is a quick, easy way to make sure they can reach you. (And it gives them a tangible reminder of why they should.)

Since business cards are print designs, most web designers feel like fish out of water when they try to come up with ideas for a cool card. To help you create the best business card possible, the design service team at Company Folders is sharing their best advice for creating amazing custom cards.

With this resource, you’ll learn practical ways to streamline your card by using less contact info and upgrading to a better layout, as well as how to format your design files properly for the printer. It will also reveal the latest and greatest trends in business card design: crazy shapes, cute cartoon graphics, and more.

Read on to find out how to create a super cool business card for your web design company.

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