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Free High-Quality Concrete Wall Textures

When designing a buildings or wall concept, Concrete Texture is the most suitable that you can used to make your design alive and closely similar to the real one.This High Quality Concrete Texture is free to use. Just download it but you must read some of the owner’s conditions before you publish your projects online

Best and Cool Collection of Free Fonts Download

Their was a huge amount of best free fonts released this year, therefore i thought it would on be only wright to do a roundup of the top Best beautiful and best fonts released into the design community within 2013. This a great resource and something every designer should check out. You can use these

Top Free Responsive HTML5 And CSS3 Templates

Are you looking for some free and high quality HTML5 and CSS3 templates? HTML/CSS templates are thus quite popular nowadays due to the fact that they are compatible with all browsers and are easy and quick to use. CSS3 allows creating beautiful and attractive elements easily and quickly and in a hassle-free way. These templates

Inspiration 3D Text by Photoshop

Photoshop text effects are the perfect options if you want to create cool and stunning text for your art work and design. Using cool Photoshop text effects can have a powerful effect. Original and creative effects will not only attract more attention but also leave a more profound impression on your viewers. Apart from being

15+ Best Free WordPress Themes of August 2013

When it comes to WordPress themes and this edition of our Themes of the Month series, June has to be seen as a period of diversity. I’ve got some really cool themes to show you of wildly varying types and designs. Free WordPress Themes that can be used for your future online perspectives. Our arsenal

25+ Best Free Stylish jQuery Slideshow Plugins

jQuery is light-weight, easily customizable and possesses unlimited possibilities,in fact – jQuery has become the new standard for displaying visual media on the web. For this roundup I have prepared 25+best, useful and simply awesome jQuery slideshow plugins. This roundup contains some truly stunning gallery effects and solutions to suit nearly every need, as well

30 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes June 2013

It is not enough that you develop and design your website through WordPress platform. You also need to make sure that it has a responsive WordPress theme in order to keep users and visitors coming to your site. There are several responsive WordPress themes that you could choose from that would also adapt not just

40 Free HTML5 Responsive Templates

There is no denying that HTML5 and CSS3 changed the designing and development industry for the better as their advent revolutionized the way development was done. HTML5 and CSS3 have made creating tough elements a breeze and have also quickened the development process. Another amazing thing is that offer some really cool new features which

20 Amazing Free Fonts for Headlines

When you are designing a website, brochure or even an advertisement it is very hard to find a big, clear, beautiful and effective fonts to use in your headlines. In this article we’ll showcase a collection of 20 fonts that are excellent options for use in headlines, and they are also free to download. Next

45 New High-Quality Free Fonts For Designers

Typography is more than just the arrangement of typefaces; it has become a form of art that plays a crucial role in any sort of design. With appropriate use of fonts in a design, the complete look and feel of the design can be changed. In this way, fonts play an important role in the