Basically there are many kind of font type the one we are describing here is free script font. Today we bring you an awesome collection of free fonts that you can download and start using immediately. These fonts are scripts but tend towards the masculine side rather than being all swirly girly.

Basically designers like and use simple fonts because it makes a great impact on viewer. But sometime client need some typography and sometimes we need to show designs related to fashion and new trends.

we showcased some amazing free script fonts for designers hope you like it and share it with friends and give your feed back in Comment box.

Ballpark Free Font (Download)

CAC Champagne (Download)

Coventry Script Free Font (Download)

Creampuff Free Font (Download)

Jacoba (Download)

Monika (Download)

Saginaw Free Font (Download)

Chopin Script (Download)

Blackjack Free Font (Download)

Scriptina (Download)

Blazing Free Font (Download)

Jellyka, Saint-Andrew’s Queen Free Font (Download)

English Free Font (Download)


Androgyne (Download)


Marcelle (Download)


Porcelain Free Font (Download)


Aquiline Two (Download)


Selfish Free Font (Download)