35+ Dribbble Freebies For Web Designers 2013

The community of designers over at Dribbble are always happy to release new freebies to the public. Dribbble is not only a great website to find insights into what fellow designers are working on, it’s also home to an array of freebies available for download from generous Dribbble users. Designers always need new elements to make each of their projects look amazing and attractive and this is why it’s important to have a lot of resources to count on. This is why today we have gathered a list of 35+ Dribbble Freebies For Web Designers 2013 to give you some new options for your next projects.

Hope you’ll like this collection.

Musicplayer [Download]

Glass-music-player [Download]

Radio Player Freebie(PSD) [Download]

Twitter Button Freebie [Download]

Percentagebar [Download]

Half Moon Music Player [Download]

Blixt Freebie [Download]

Calendar Freebie [Download]

The aButton Freebie [Download]

Map UI Controls Freebie [Download]

Wooden Button [Download]

Wrench Freebie [Download]

Black UI Kit [Download]

Audio Player [Download]

Stylish Notification [Download]

Loading Bar [Download]

Wooden Menu [Download]

Notepaper Freebie [Download]

Pixels Shopping Basket [Download]

Power Button [Download]

Banner Designs [Download]

Your cart widget [Download]

35 Sweet Social Icons [Download]

Google PSD [Download]

Macbook PSD [Download]

Wooden Panel Box [Download]

Login Form [Download]

Fresh Freebies from Dribbble

Player Widget [Download]

Fresh Freebies from Dribbble

Responsive Menu [Download]

Fresh Freebies from Dribbble

iPhone 5-4S flat PSD [Download]

Fresh Freebies from Dribbble

Paper Receipt

paper bill receipt PSD

Vector Shadow PSD [Download]

clean white vector shadow PSD


torn calendar wooden texture PSD

Radio Freebie [Download]

Fresh Freebies from Dribbble

Clean Video Player

simple video player UI PSD

Speckle Brushes [Download]

Freebie- Social Buttons [Download]

Modern Vintage Stickers Badges [Download]

Vue [Download]

For more PSD downloads – we recommend checking out our freebie section

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