45+ Cool & outstanding music app designs for mobile devices

45+ Beautiful Concept Designs

Music apps occupy a leading position in the market. It’s hardly necessary to explain the reason of such popularity. All of us love music and listen to it everywhere we go: at home, at work, and on the go. It would be no exaggeration to say that for many of us music is an integral part of life. High popularity and intense competition in this field stimulate designers to create unusual and attractive concept design for music apps.

Many of the apps featured in this list display a healthy mix of beautiful interfaces. Some are modern and minimalistic complete with sharp colors, others fall back on old school devices and concepts that were our lifeline to music – radios, cassette tapes, turntables and record players.

I hope you will enjoy these 45+ Cool & outstanding music app designs for mobile devices.

Turntable Player iPhone App Concept by Ivan Gapeev

iPhone Swing Music App Concept by Enes Daniş

Music App UI (iPhone) by Piotr Kwiatkowski

Interphono – iPhone app by Abraham Vivas

A-MUSE-ME. Music application by Alex Ds Karera

MixTape – iOS Music App by Marco Nenzi

MTV Mobile & App Concepts by Andrew Couldwell

BeatsLarge iPhone Concept by Jonathan Kelley

iPhone Music Player App Concept by Kiran

New Music App by Amit Rai

T3 Player App by Eder Rengifo and Bryn Bodayle

Cat Music Karaoke App by Cristi Hurhui

Rocket Piano UI Design by Isabel Aracama

FlatPlayer by Ehsan Rahimi

Player – Music Player App by Ilya Boruhov


Radio Expres iOS App by Martin Schurdak

Music Player App by Emile Rohlandt

76 Synthesizer Concept by Jonas Eriksson

Groove! Simple Metronome App by Tom Reinert

Carl Cox by Jonas Eriksson

NightFever app by Michael Nunes

Earbass | Music On The Go by Quintavious Shephard

Rocmo Music App by Jeet Sean

My16 – iPhone App by Maria Helena Cunha

Ringtonium 3 by Bamboo Apps and IGNAT PLOT

iOS Music Player App by Dmitriy Haraberush

SoundBeats by Florent Hancquart

MUSIC APP by Roy van Laar

Moodsnap by Tom Junker

Less Than Four Days by Abraham Vivas

RITMO FREE MUSIC APP by PromoBeat Smartphone Apps

Music App Interface by Alex Bender

Music Player Application – Personal Project by Ernest Gerber

Music Player Application’s UI by Chandan Mishra

Gray GUI iOS Kit | Music App by Husam Aneed

Google Play Music for iOS by Moin Ahmad

Music App for iPhone 5 by Hervé Denjean

MeloMe Music Player App by BLASTAROCKS

iPhone Music App by BorisWick

Music Player for iOS by Khoa Dinh

Media App iOS by Carlos Santiago

UI Music FM app design by raysdesign

MOG iOS Apps by Jordan Braun

Shuffle Music Player App (inspired by Dieter Rams) by Naim Solis

Braun Radio App by Nicklas Alejandro

RadioTar for iOS by Elek Laszlo

Record Player – Tocadiscos by Pedro Hernandez Ruiz

Music Player by nijah zhang

MYSIC, for Spotify and Swedish Radio by Christin Malen Andreassen

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