25 Cool and Minimalistic Metro Style Scripts

The Metro Design style is slowly gaining popularity since most web developers today prefer to use it for their various websites with the use of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.We typically see Metro as relatively large boxes in various sizes, all using different strong colors. In addition, the Metro style is characterized by a “flat” look and feel i.e. no bevels and shadows.

The metro design style is slowly gaining popularity since most web developers today prefer to use it for their various websites with the use of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Originally created by Microsoft as a concept for their Windows phone, the Metro style scripts is the internal code name of the typography-based design language that depend more on typography as oppose to graphics. The development of its application harnesses the rich capabilities of Windows 8 through Windows Runtime and Javascript, as it reflects or varies from the traditional web programming.

Metro style is quite popular at the moment, and I am sure you will benefit from having a few metro scripts in your toolbox.Here we have listed some Metro Style Scripts and Tutorials for web developers ad designers. All to make it easier for you to succeed with your web project.

MetroTabs with jQuery and CSS3 Effects – MORE INFO / DEMO


Metrotabs is a light jQuery plugin to create tabs with metro style. You can align tabs positions at anywhere you like. The content can be anything ( paragraphs, images, video, iframe, … ). MetroTab supports both inline content and AJAX content to you can combine two methods for best performance and SEO. You can customize the style of tabs and content by choose from many styles, many colors/images have already created in CSS file or make new ones on your own.

metro.js: recreating Windows 8 UI as a web interface – MORE INFO / DEMO

Script helping you to recreate Windows 8 UI as a web interface

Megafolio Pro Responsive Grid jQuery Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Megafolio Pro is a fully responsive media grid plugin that allows you to display content in almost every way possible using preset or randomly generated layouts.Megafolio Pro features a large variety of options allowing you to control the layout of your item grid in the way that pleases you most. Select your desired style and breathe life into it with your content!

MetroPanel – The New Navigator for Modern Sites – MORE INFO / DEMO


Metrotabs is a light jQuery plugin to create tabs with metro style. You can align tabs positions at anywhere you like ( horizontal/vertical or any way ). The content can be anything ( paragraphs, images, video, iframe, … ), every content is an independent file.

Boot Metro – MORE INFO / DEMO


A simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for web apps that wants to use the “Windows 8 App Store” style, without the need to run on Windows 8 and it gives simple and flexible web framework to create elegant and modern web applications with the same look & feel of Windows .

Boot Metro – MORE INFO / DEMO


Cool minimal navigation in metro style.

tile Js – MORE INFO


Windows Metro tiles with Javascript and CSS3 .

Metro Flexible Navigation – MORE INFO / DEMO


The Metro Flexible Navigation is a minimal, clean grid layout inspired by the new Windows 8 interface. It can be customized to be laid out horizontally or vertically. It’s scrollable and dragable at the same time and contains useful sliding controls. Icons can be changed, there is a large collection available.

jQmobile metro theme – MORE INFO / DEMO


This theme provides a Metro user interface for Cordova apps using jQuery Mobile on Windows Phone 7.5.

Metro CSS3 Mega Menu– MORE INFO


This is a CSS3 Menu inspired in the new Microsoft Metro UI. It comes with 4 different Tile layouts, 5 images animations and more nice features. Is very easy to use and install, well documented and no JavaScript/jQuery. For more info watch the video preview and the screenshots.

Onemenu – Responsive Metro UI Menu– MORE INFO / DEMO


OneMenu is a jQuery navigation menu plugin that is created for Metro UI themes. OneMenu supports responsive design, unlimited menus.

MelonHTML5 – Metro Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


Metro Gallery a flexible and easy to integrate photo gallery featured in Metro Design. It allows you to build your unique photo wall with your custom settings.

Metro UI Template – MORE INFO


A Template that will help you build Windows 8-style websites with ease.



Metro UI is a flexible and easy to integrate framework to build your one page website in Windows 8 Metro UI. It is fully powered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with plengy of options for you to configure it to suit your own needs.

Metro Login – MORE INFO / DEMO


This is a Login form that use CSS3 and jQuery Tricks to look like windows 8 login screen.

Inside of this package, there is a document that explain the code. I also give you a couple of functions that can change the buttons and backgrounds easyly



Metro JS is a JavaScript plugin for jQuery developed to easily enable Metro interfaces on the web. This release focuses on Live Tiles, the Application Bar and Theming. It’s early in the development phase, but all features should work on at least IE7+(Win/WinPhone), Firefox, Chrome, Android, Opera, and Safari(OSX/iOS).

Metro Help Desk Support Tickets – MORE INFO / DEMO


A help desk ticketing system will allow you to provide prompt and efficient support to your clients.
Metro Help Desk comes by default with an integrated FAQ and manuals systems, thus allowing staff members to decrease response time and improve efficiency.

Metro Preloader– MORE INFO / DEMO


MetroPreloader is a easy to use preloader which gives you this ability to easily setup your website preloading in a nice metro designed loading screen and display the fully loaded website when it finishes.

jQuery Metro Plugin – MORE INFO


jQuery Metro UI Buttons is an easy way to build websites with a new Metro UI.

MetNav- A jQuery navigation menu based on Metro UI – MORE INFO / DEMO


MetNav is a jQuery navigation menu plugin based on Window 8 Metro theme. It’s very lightweight and works well on most of the major browser. It follows the main feature of Metro which is live tiles and support unlimited content in the tiles. This plugin is dedicated to all Metro lover in the world.

jQuery UI Themes – MORE INFO


With jQUIT Builder you can build custom jQuery UI themes based on Metro UI. Use the controls in the left side, and when you’re done press download. Feel free to include the theme on your own website, however keep in mind this is a beta version and can’t be guarenteed 100% bugfree yet.

Droptiles – MORE INFO


Droptiles is an Open Source Windows 8 Start like Metro style Web 2.0 Dashboard. It builds the experience using Tiles. Tiles are mini apps that can fetch data from external sources. Clicking on a tile launches the full app. Apps can be from any existing website to customized website specifically built to fit the Dashboard experience

Metro Notifications – MORE INFO / DEMO


Metro Notifications is a jQuery plugin that brings the notifications to a new level.

UI-Pro – Simple Metro Style Navigation Bar – MORE INFO / DEMO


With this simple jQuery Plugin you can easily create Metro (now simply called Windows 8 UI) style navigation bars. The plugin package comes with the icon pack called iconic created by P.J. Onori, which you can easily set with CSS classes. This plugin has minimal features and options, it has been created for webmasters who need similar functionality on their site(s).

Creating a Metro Style Menu in HTML and CSS- MORE INFO


See in this article how to develop a Metro style menu, similar to the start menu of Windows 8 and Windows Phone, using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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