40+ Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress 2.5+ has been incorporated with the gallery feature, allowing users to insert a batch of images of photos into a post or image as a gallery. However, WordPress gallery plugins are still the more effective way of doing it because not all themes for WordPress have CSS styling in the gallery feature. Furthermore, some of these plugins are designed to make your gallery more attractive and accessible.

With WordPress gallery plugins, you can add all kinds of great looking and feature rich galleries and portfolio designs to your website. This is useful for showing of your creative work, for presenting client cases, photographs and so much more. I am sure most people that have worked professionally with WordPress for some time agree that it is easy to set up and use. What I really like is the ability to turn an idea into a working solution in a relatively short time. In most cases with no need for coding at all.

I hope you enjoy the list and share your feedback in a comment!

uSquare – Universal responsive grid for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Feature:

  • Responsive design
  • Fully customizable
  • Scrollable content
  • Easing effects included
  • Intuitive design
  • Fully flexible

uSquare is a WordPress responsive squared grid that can display your content in a unique and interesting way. You can use it for displaying team members, products, services, designs, blog posts or anything else that comes to your mind. In our live preview we have included 3 modifications of the original file in order for you to see how uSquare can serve your purpose.

ZoomFolio – WordPress Portfolio Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • easy to install – install and get this plugin ready in less then one minutes.
  • responsive
  • flexible
  • shortcode generator

DZS ZoomFolio is the ultimate plugin for displaying your creative portfolio to your clients and that’s not all. You can use it to show the recent posts from your blog or a gallery from your vacation. The possibilities are endless.

RoyalSlider – Premium WordPress Gallery Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Touch navigation for mobile and desktop
  • Hardware-accelerated CSS3 transitions for devices.
  • Any HTML in slides and thumbnails, everything is reposnive and can be resized dynamically.
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos in slide
  • Smart lazy-loading

RoyalSlider is focused on performance, stability and providing best experience for user with any device. It doesn’t have thousands of fancy transitions, but the one that he has work as fast and as smooth as current day technology allows.

Gallerix – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Adding categories
  • Adding Images
  • Displaying the plugin on the front-end

Gallerix is a WordPress plugin that allows you easy and fast to create image galleries.

Media Grid – WordPress Image Gallery and Responsive Portfolio – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • unlimited responsive portfolios
  • mobile ptimization
  • visual grid builder
  • full media support

Create responsive and filterable portfolios with ease on your website. Media Grid comes with masonry layout, is designed to adapt each portfolio to any situation and is mobile optimized for responsive themes.


GRAND FlAGallery

Key Features:

  • Image Link support
  • Responsive Banner
  • RotatorGRAND Pages

Grand Flagallery is a Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Music Album & Banner Rotator plugin with powerfull admin to manage your media content

Global Gallery – WordPress Responsive Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • unlimited responsive galleries
  • galleries collection with filter
  • 3 gallary layouts
  • water mark system

Create fully responsive galleries fastly and with ease on your website. Global Gallery comes with three gallery layouts, four lightboxes ready to use and is designed to be visible on each device: whether you are using a retina MacBook or an Android phone.

Touch Carousel – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Touch navigation for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.
  • Over 20 settings to control layout, speed, slideshow e.t.c.
  • SEO friendly – content is not hidden.
  • Fast CSS3 transitions for supported devices with fallback.

TouchCarousel is a posts content slider WordPress plugin with touch navigation for mobile devices. You can slide custom post types, with custom taxonomies (categories, tags, e.t.c.) and create layout templates using simple templating system.

NextGEN WordPress Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO

NextGEN Gallery

Key Features:

  • Upload Galleries
  • Manage Galleries
  • Display Galleries

NextGEN Gallery is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin, and one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time, with over 6 million downloads.

Thumbnail Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Responsive layout.
  • AddThis Social Sharing integrated.
  • You can customize each gallery individually.
  • You can have a completely customizable lightbox.

This Plugin will help you to easily add a thumbnail gallery to your WordPress website or blog. The gallery is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). You will be able to insert it in any page or post you want with inbuilt short code generator.

SlideDeck 2 – Responsive multi purposr slider and gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Upload your images
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion
  • Format custom text and multiple layouts
  • Create custom HTML slides

Create SlideDecks using images, video, text and HTML. Our slide-by-slide editor makes creating SlideDecks easier than ever! You can even utilize our beautiful lenses to instantly change the look and feel of your SlideDeck.

Fancy Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO

 Fancy Gallery - Premium WordPress Gallery Plugin by Code Canyon

Key Features:

  • 3 different Widgets: Display a single album, create a list of album links, display latest/random media
  • User-friendly AJAX admin
  • Create unlimited of galleries with unlimited of albums
  • Upload different types of media
  • Many options for customizing your galleries
  • HTML Generator

Fancy Gallery comes with an outstanding AJAX admin and a lot of new features. You can create unlimited of galleries and each gallery can hold unlimited of albums. You can add different types of media – Images, Video, Websites to the albums.

Dynamic Content Gallery

Key Features:

  • Auto Image Management option
  • Built-in configuration validation checks and error message
  • reportingValid xhtml output.
  • WP Multisite compatible

This plugin creates a dynamic gallery of images for latest and/or featured content using either the JonDesign SmoothGallery script for mootools, or a custom jQuery script. The plugin dynamically creates the gallery from your latest and/or featured content by either automatically pulling in the first Image Attachment from relevant Posts/Pages, or by specifying image URLs in a DCG Metabox in the Write screen for the relevant Posts/Pages.

Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Create unlimited number of Galleries
  • Insert Galleries easily with Shortcodes or by using the Add Gallery Icon
  • Duplicate Galleries in List Gallery view
  • Internationalization (translation) ready
  • 100% responsive layout in Isotype Gallery

If you are used to use WordPress to create websites you know that images can be displayed in many ways, from simple usages to complex galleries, to even mostly wordless PhotoBlogs. Only your imagination (and maybe skills) is the limit to what you can do.

Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • The Ultimate Social Lightbox
  • Facebook-style image viewing
  • 3x More opportunity for visitors to Like and Share
  • Better media navigation for users

Social Gallery is a WordPress plugin that adds Facebook-style image viewing to your blog

Lightbox Gallery – MORE INFO

Lightbox Gallery

Key Features:

  • Lightbox display of Gallery
  • Tooltip view of caption of images
  • Displays the associated metadata with images
  • Divides Gallery into several pages

The Lightbox Gallery plugin changes the view of galleries to the lightbox.

PhotoMosaic – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Widget support
  • Fully Responsive
  • Masonry Layout
  • Customizable columns, width, & padding
  • Have images link to a URL

PhotoMosaic creates a shortcode ([photomosaic]) that transforms a WordPress photo gallery into a visually-striking design piece by giving it a fresh masonry layout worthy of your favorite design blog.

PhotoShow for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Template Tag support
  • Widget support
  • AutoPlay w/ optional timer
  • HTML Image Captions

PhotoShow is a plugin for WordPress and jQuery that makes it easy to add elegant style to a WordPress photo gallery with with a simple shortcode ([photoshow]).

Portfolio Slideshow – MORE INFO

 Portfolio Slideshow

Key Features:

  • Unlimited custom slideshow sizes
  • Standalone slideshow editor
  • Graphical navigation
  • Additional pagers: bullets, carousel, numbers, and slide titles
  • Inline video

Add a clean, responsive javascript slideshow to your site. The slideshow integrates well into any design, supports fluid-width themes, and offers lots.

CCGallery WP – Multimedia Gallery WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Display images, audio and video.
  • Two display modes – Coverflow and Thumbnail.
  • CSS 3D Transforms are used for the coverflow in supported browsers

CCGallery WP makes it easy to embed the CCGallery HTML5 Multimedia Gallery, in your WordPress theme. It displays all your images, audio files and video files in a sleek and attractive interface. You get to browse the items in Coverflow mode or in a Thumbnail grid mode. You can easily switch between the two display modes and can even filter the items by displaying only images, or audio files, or video files. Filtering of items by custom categories is also supported. Also CCGallery incorporates a responsive design so that the gallery display fits in various screen sizes ranging from mobile phones to desktop browsers.

CataBlog – MORE INFO


Key Features:

  • Easily format your catalog descriptions with the WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor.
  • Organize your catalog library into galleries with any order you want.
  • Widgets for displaying your catalog and catalog categories in sidebars.
  • Automatic pagination

CataBlog is a comprehensive and effortless tool that allows you to create catalogs, stores and galleries for your blog.

WP Photo Album Plus – MORE INFO / DEMO

WP Photo Album Plus

Key Features:

  • Photo Albums: Create and manage Albums.
  • Upload photos: To upload photos to an album you created.
  • Import photos: To bulk import photos to an album that are previously been ftp’d.
  • Settings: To control the various settings to customize your needs.
  • Sidebar Widget:

This plugin is designed to easily manage and display your photo albums and slideshows in a single as well as in a network WordPress site.

nRelate – Related Content WordPress Gallery Plugin – MORE INFO

nRelate – Related Content WordPress Gallery Plugin

Key Features:

  • Automatically display before or after each post.
  • Use the [nrelate-related] shortcode in your post.
  • Use our widget in any widget area in your theme
  • Place the nrelate_related() function in your theme files.

nrelate is not just another related posts plugin. Our patent-pending technology continuously analyzes your website content and displays other related posts from your website. This ultimately leads to higher page-views for your site, and a better user experience for your visitors.

Lazyest Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO

 Lazyest Gallery

Key Features:

  • Fully integrated in WordPress with Settings and Management pages
  • Unlimited number of images in unlimited number of nested folders
  • Automatic thumbnail and slide creation
  • Add Captions,

If you are new to Lazyest Gallery, please consider Eazyest Gallery. Eazyest Gallery is the successor to Lazyest Gallery and is far better integrated with WordPress, and compatible with popular plugins.

Slider Evolution for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • create powerful javascript sliders
  • Enhance your website with sliders
  • customized settings

Slider Evolution is a JQuery plugin that lets you easily create powerful javascript sliders with very nice transition effects. Enhance your website by adding a unique and attractive slider!



Key Features:

  • Random complex grids
  • Animated captions
  • Light box popups

Would you like to present your images and photos in an innovative, artistic and original way? Then Tiles Gallery for WordPress is perfect for you!

PhotoSmash Galleries – MORE INFO /DEMO

PhotoSmash Galleries

Key Features:

  • PhotoSmash iPhone App.Lets you and your site’s users browse your images and upload images to galleries using your custom fields, tags, etc.
  • User contributable photo galleries.
  • Map your images using Google Maps API V.3 – simple to use (see Changelog for details)
  • Media RSS is enabled.

PhotoSmash Galleries makes it easy to create photo galleries in posts or pages that your users can upload images to. PhotoSmash has incredibly flexible and simple models for designing custom photo gallery and form layouts, utilizing your own custom database fields, html, and css, or just use the standard.

Thumbnail Gallery (WP NextGEN Gallery Template) – MORE INFO / DEMO


key Features:

  • Responsive layout.
  • You can customize each gallery individually.
  • You can have a completely customizable lightbox.

This NextGEN Template will help you to easily add a thumbnail gallery to your WordPress website or blog. The gallery is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones).

Slider gallery shortcode – MORE INFO / DEMO

 Slider gallery shortcode - Premium WordPress Gallery Plugin by Code Canyon

key Features:

  • show the image title
  • set the size of the images displayed in the slider
  • wrap the image with a link to the image file
  • adjust the transition speed
  • set the pause between transitions

This plugin creates a new shortcode for WordPress. With this new shortcode, you can create a slider gallery in seconds just by typing [slider] while you’re writing your post or page. The slider will display the images that you have uploaded to the current post or page.

Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


key Features:

  • Automatically align images to a justified gallery keeping their original aspect ratio
  • Responsive
  • Uses the WordPress native way of creating galleries, you can use your pre-existing galleries
  • Facebook compatibility

This responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery. Flickr and Google both feature images like this. Present your galleries in an eye-catching and unique new way! It can replace the standard WP galleries

as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new features and options. WordPress will manage the galleries and this plugin will display them. Or alternatively you can load images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or use NextGEN gallery as an image manager/source. Or just make a responsive banner of Recent posts using their featured images! Also works with custom post types. Filter the thumbnails by tags or any taxonomy!

Video Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO

Video Gallery

key Features:

  • two skins + skin generator –
  • iPhone/iPad compatible – this plugin generates html5 videos if the visitor is on an iToy
  • full of choices – directly from YouTube so you won’t need to write anything other then that
  • hybrid.

Video Player – MORE INFO / DEMO

 Video Player

key Features:


This wordpress plugin will help you administrate the entire video player using a very friendly interface. You’ll be able to customize the player look & feel, playlist and CSS file. The plugin comes in two versions: Right Side playlist and Bottom Playlist.

LayerSlider – MORE INFO / DEMO


key Features:

  • Over 170 breathtaking 3D & 2D hardware accelerated transitions
  • 5 displaying modes
  • 3 types of navigation controls

This is the WordPress plugin of LayerSlider! You can create as many layers and sublayers as you want. You can use unlimited images with links. The script is very user-friendly, you can add global settings or local (per slide) settings to each layer or sublayer. You can change delay times, easing types, durations and much more.



key Features:

  • customize almost anything
  • close button position
  • jQuery to apply FancyBox

Fancybox is a WordPress gallery plugin that can provide you with zooming functionality for your images and other contents. Seamlessly integrates FancyBox into your blog: Upload, activate, and you’re done. Additional configuration optional.

DZS jQuery Flipbook – MORE INFO / DEMO

DZS jQuery Flipbook - Premium WordPress Gallery Plugin

key Features:

  • neat effects for your presentations
  • powered by cross-browser js library jQuery
  • works with all media, not only images- inline content, videos, audios, divs with text -all are supported
  • the powerful ZoomVideoPlayer included
  • lightbox support

WordPress DZS Flipbook jQuery powered is the ultimate interactive media gallery for your presentation. Now in WordPress!

Slideshow Gallery – MORE INFO

Slideshow Gallery

key Features:

  • Shortcode for all slides
  • Parameters for shortcode
  • resizeimages
  • Shortcode for a gallery’s slides

With Slideshow Gallery, you can easily display multiple galleries throughout your WordPress website displaying your custom added slides or showing slides from WordPress posts. The slideshow is flexible, all aspects can easily be configured and embedding/hardcoding the slideshow gallery is a breeze.

Smooth Slider – MORE INFO /DEMO

 Smooth Slider

Key Features:

  • Supports Responsive Design
  • Six transition effects ( Fade transition supported )
  • Custom Slider, Category Slider and Recent Posts Slider supported ( Template tags, Shortcode and Widget available )
  • Slider Preview in admin panel

Smooth Slider is a WordPress Plugin for creating a dynamic slideshow/s for featured Posts, Pages, Media Images and Custom Post Types on a WordPress site.

Premium Gallery Manager – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Supports multiple uploads in backend, very easy to use.
  • Smart crop option to show crop image in gallery or full image.
  • Lightbox enabled.
  • Full screen slideshow.
  • 5 effects transition effects available.
  • 5 styles available.

Premium Gallery Manager supports multiple uploads in backend and has a smart crop option to show crop image in gallery or full image. Also it is Lightbox enabled and has a full screen slideshow. You can also choose from a range of 5 effects transition available, create unlimited galleries with their own dimensions and settings and a lot more.

Lightbox Gallery Manager – MORE INFO / DEMO


Key Features:

  • Upload and manage unlimited galleries
  • Organize galleries into categories
  • Insert any number of light box slide shows

Lightbox Gallery Manager is a WordPress plugin that offers an easy way to embed unlimited lightbox galleries on your WordPress site. You can organize your images by category and add single sets or whole categories with a simple shortcode.

Yet Another Photoblog – MORE INFO

 Yet Another Photoblog

Key Features:

  • Converts wp into a easy useable photoblog
  • Easy image upload
  • EXIF data processing and output
  • Additional update-service-sites

Convert your WordPress Blog into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time. Use the full range of WordPress functions and plugins: Benefit from the big community WordPress has to offer.

Content Slide – MORE INFO /DEMO

 Content Slide

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable jquery
  • Custom options for slideshow size

Content Slide is used to create fully customizable jquery Fading image slideshow anywhere within your WordPress site. Custom options include slideshow size, color, style and more. Created using Jquery Coin Slider and the fade effect is created using jquery inner Fade effect.

Wall/Grid Gallery – Premium WordPress Gallery Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO

Wall/Grid Gallery - Premium WordPress Gallery

Key Features:

  • Responsive layout.
  • AddThis Social Sharing integrated.
  • You can use an unlimited number of galleries into your WordPress website.
  • You can display in a gallery an unlimited amount of images.
  • You can customize each gallery individually.

This Plugin will help you to easily add a grid gallery to your WordPress website or blog. The gallery is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). You will be able to insert it in any page or post you want with inbuilt short code generator.

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