Background Check

Background check is the process of looking of looking up and/or compiling criminal records, commercial records, financial records, social media check of an individual or an organization. These background checks are used for various purposes for example, often requested by employers on job candidates for employment screening, especially when candidate seeking some position that requires high security checks.

Considering a criminal background check online? You’re not alone. If you go for a Private Investigators then it can be astronomically expensive, physical background searches are time consuming and expensive, and other means often offer incomplete or inconclusive results. But you can now get some online background checking service. We are going to discuss about two of the best background checking services in this article and their main features.

1) Everify Background Check

With eVerify online criminal background checks, you get answers to your questions on a person’s background from the best industry and governmental information directories in existence. They are are specialized in four informative search options: people, background, criminal records, and social media.

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Background Check reports include:

  • Court Records
  • Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Information

Criminal Records reports include:

  •  Arrest & convictions
  • Felonies & misdemeanor
  • Sex offenders
  • Mug shots
  • Criminal driving infractions
  • Court and probation records and a lot more…

People Search lookup feature includes:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Address history
  • DOB
  • Relatives and associates

Social Media Check includes Deep Web Search tool is an easy way of locating important information about people. Scan the internet to find:

  • Photos, videos, blogs
  • Professional interests
  • Social Networking Profiles
  • Archives and publications and others.

2) Inteligator Background Check

With their Instant Background Check you can inquire into an individual’s past discreetly and efficiently. By subscribing to their instant access pass you will gain access to a nationwide search system that will check public and private data sources to compile a report on the individual. They claim to have 1 billion records.

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Their hot features include:

  • Nationwide Criminal Check
  • Arrests, Convictions and Felonies
  • Criminal Driving Violations
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Relatives and Associates
  • Income Information
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Address History
  • Property Ownership
  • Aliases/Maiden Name
  • Possible Neighbors
  • Death Index

On the whole Background checks deliver valuable insights for better decisions and peace of mind.

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