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4 Imprint Methods Every Web Designer Should Understand

Web designers and developers don’t often learn about printing in school. So when they do encounter a design that needs to be printed for some reason, they’re often unsure how to handle it. Their solution is either to a) inundate the printer with 250 questions or b) just make their best guess. The first option

A Guide to Create An Amazing Company Business Card

Business cards are an absolute necessity for web designers and developers. You may work online, but you often meet potential clients in real world settings where you can’t just whip out your computer to give them a tour of the last site you designed. A business card is a quick, easy way to make sure

7 Traits You Didn’t Know Your Logo Needed

When you started a career in web design and development, you probably weren’t planning to spend much time working with logos. It was the thrill of creating websites that you were after—yet these pesky little icons keep cropping up in your workload. Whether a client wants you to redesign their logo to match their new

20+ eCommerce WordPress & Magento Themes

With growing number of global online markets it is important to get the best theme for your business to compete in style and with full functionality. The big e-commerce companies like Airbnb;; Hailo; Uber are making the headlines, but these giants were once small, garage startups trying hard to make a place for themselves

List of Popular URL Shorteners

Today is the world of viral marketing where we share our best practices with people by using many social networking / bookmarking websites to enhance brand awareness. We can see social networking icons on almost every website that encourage referrers to spread information worldwide. Many of these websites allow limited characters for submissions so shortened

Fix Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug on Wamp

Plugging OpenSSL Bug on Wamp If you are running a WAMP server and using OpenSSL you need to make sure you update OpenSSL to latest version. Go to and enter your site URL to see if your site is VULNERABLE. Do not worry if it is, it’s not difficult 🙂 How to Fix Heartbleed

70+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Whether you design WordPress themes or just use them, you’ve got to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of WP theme creation. Not every blogger or site owner is code-literate or design-savvy, but everyone deserves to get a responsive design for their site. If you’re on WordPress, have we got a treat

Top Most Common Used SSH Commands

For a newbies there are many questions when starting work on SSH common problem is you dont know how to connect what software etc etc. In this article i have put together Top Most Common Used SSH Commands used on linux shell, and organized them by name so you can easily find a command, their

15+ Most Popular & Useful Photoshop Plugins

Plugins are software extensions that you can download and install within a program. Plugins help make the world a better place by unifying all the creative solutions in just one software. It becomes a one stop shop for designer needs. It saves time, effort and in the long run, money for designers and this also

How to Leverage Browser Caching with .htaccess

This tutorial explains how you add Expires headers to your .htaccess file. This will help you improve the performance of your website, based on Google’s recommended performance guidelines. When a web browser displays your webpage it has to load several things like your logo, your CSS file, JavaScript, and other resources. With Expires headers you

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