7 Traits You Didn’t Know Your Logo Needed

When you started a career in web design and development, you probably weren’t planning to spend much time working with logos. It was the thrill of creating websites that you were after—yet these pesky little icons keep cropping up in your workload. Whether a client wants you to redesign their logo to match their new website or you’re creating one for your freelance biz, you need to know what sets a truly great logo apart from the rest. An analysis of famous brands revealed 7 qualities that contribute to their logos’ success. What’s startling is that these traits seem contradictory. These brands’ logos are timeless and used for decades—yet they’re still fresh and new. They’re unique, yet their designs are simple. They’re consistent, but they can also adapt to any situation. The one thing they all agree on? A good logo appeals to the target audience. However, these qualities aren’t actually conflicting. In the same way a quartet needs both bass and soprano singers, logos need these differing traits to make a balanced, relatable design. You’ll learn how to create your own harmonious logo with this great tool from print and design firm Company Folders.