4 Imprint Methods Every Web Designer Should Understand

Web designers and developers don’t often learn about printing in school. So when they do encounter a design that needs to be printed for some reason, they’re often unsure how to handle it. Their solution is either to a) inundate the printer with 250 questions or b) just make their best guess.

The first option will drive your printer completely crazy, while the latter leads to costly mistakes that blow your budget and add precious days to your production time. Since neither of those options sound appealing, print shop Company Folders is staging an intervention.

Their creative team has put together an easy-to-use guide to four popular imprint methods and their options. Side by side comparisons of color and stock options will help you pick the best imprint method to meet any project’s needs. Company Folders walks you through the selection process step by step—and they even included examples of their work to help you visualize what successfully printed designs should look like.

Once you understand each method’s limitations, you’ll not only save time and money at the printer’s. You’ll gain a new appreciation for all the amazing colors and stocks you can use when you pair them with the right imprint method.

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